Our Process

All the herbs for our teas are grown with care using organic standards and permaculture concepts, just outside of Guelph, ON.

We strive to use organic seed whenever available.

The land has always been spray free. Compost is added when needed and we till lots of plant matter into the soil to build this great resource. The surrounding area is certified organic. 

After the plants are hand picked they are gently dried in a way that preserves their therapeutic quality, using fresh air and sunshine. Once dried, they are broken up and blended, using our special process, by hand into our teas.

We acknowledge the unique therapeutic qualities of each plant and how best to preserve them, so that you can have the best, most active and flavourful herbal tea.

Our tea contains no artificial or 'natural' flavors, caffeine, colors or preservatives. Just top quality homegrown herbs.

After picking, all our herbs go into the drying room to dry.

After the plant matter is fully dried, it is 'garbled'. Garbling is a term herbalists use to describe a process where the plant matter is cut and sifted. Garbling is known to us as a traditional process, where the leaves are cut and the stems are separated, leaving the plant matter ready for its final sift. 

Once all the plant matter is garbled and sifted, it is stored to await blending with other ingredients to create our herbal tea blends.   

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