Our Story

Althea Herb Farm was created to solve a simple problem. 

We are herbalists. Just like a chef, a foodie or a gourmet, we are always searching for the best ingredients, the best plants. Always wanting the highest quality, most nutritious and flavourful ingredients.

Over the seasons, we had difficulty finding these quality ingredients, so we decided to grow our own. Enough just for ourselves and our yearly supply. It was challenging.

As we grew more and more plants, mastered ways of growing, drying and processing these ingredients, experimented with different recipes and blends, we realized we had something special. We had herbal teas unlike any other.

We created Althea Herbal Teas to offer you some of our own homegrown herbs, handmade and processed into our herbal tea blends. These teas have no caffeine, preservatives or additives; they are just the herbs. Raw and Real, like nature intended.  

Scott Reid of Althaea Herb Farm